Installation and setup

Start your JoForce journey!

  • Download the Joforce Package.

  • Extract or Unzip or the package from server root

    • For Ubuntu & NGinx→ /var/www/html

    • For windows → C/xampp/htdocs

  • Create a database for your JoForce CRM in MYSQL.

Once done, navigate to your browser and access your JoForce CRM (Eg: your-ip/Joforce)

  • Install

    • You will be getting your Installation Wizard

      • If you’re migrating from Vtiger CRM, click on Migrate from Vtiger?

      • Else click on I Agree - Continue

  • File Permission check

    • Here it displays the list files, need file permission.

    • Provide the the appropriate file access and click Re-check to check again after you’ve given the file permission.

    • Once done, click on Next.

  • Installation Settings

    • Setup your database for Joforce

    • In the Database Information,

      • Add the Host Name, User Name, Password

      • Add the Database name that you’ve created earlier

    • System Information,

      • Choose your prefered Currency from the Currency drop down
    • Admin User Information

      • By default, your Username will admin

      • Now enter JoForce CRM password and Re enter the password for confirmation

      • Add the first name and by default the last name will be Administrator and you can also change based on your requirements

      • Provide your Email address

      • Now choose the date format and time zone click on Next

    • Now the installation of JoForce CRM will get started.

    • After few minutes, you can get your JoForce CRM login page.

    • Login and start to explore.

Last updated on 3rd Apr 2018