Migration from a different CRM to Joforce can be done within 3 simple steps

  • Download the Joforce Package.

  • Unzip the package from server root

    • For Ubuntu & NGinx→ /var/www/html

    • For windows → C/xampp/htdocs

  • Create a database for your JoForce CRM.

Once done, navigate to your browser and access your JoForce CRM (Eg: your-ip/Joforce)

  • Install - You will be getting your Installation Wizard

    • Click on Migrate from Vtiger? And you will be navigated to the migration wizard.

Migration Wizard

Step :1

  • Kindly make sure that you’ve done all the necessary requirements needed.

  • Check and enable the checkbox, once you’ve have done with the above mentioned things.

  • Click on Next.

Step - 2

  • Start Migration

Now the migration process will start and you can get all your Vtiger CRM data inside JoForce.

Last updated on 3rd Apr 2018